What May have Drove Matthew Miller to Kill Himself?

What May have Drove Matthew Miller to Kill Himself?

For those of you that have never heard the name Matthew Miller, you may want to read this article to learn more. He was just a 13 year old boy that killed himself. There is still a mystery that circulates around his death. We are hearing about so many young men and women killing themselves these days and choosing to do school shootings? Why is this happening?
Matthew was an athletic thirteen year old boy. His parents had to make a move into a bigger home in Kansas City Missouri. Like many teenagers, it was not easy for him to adjust. He was having to make new friends and it was a new environment for him. He was upset with his school and parents. Matthew was not acting like himself according to his teacher. He was doing poorly in school and he was not acting like himself. The teacher made a recommendation for Matthew to see a psychiatrist.

The parents took him to see a psychiatrist who prescribed him Zoloft. Within a few days, he seemed to be acting happier. However, the longer he stayed on the drug, his parents noticed him getting more agitated and nervous. He was jumpy and could not sit in one place for very long. He even had trouble sleeping.

After the sixth day of being on the drug, he killed himself. His father believed that the drug caused him to commit suicide because the suicide was unplanned and happened unexpectedly. It is hard to say whether the drug had an influence on Matthew Miller killing himself. It is clear that a lot of children today that are involved in school shootings are under the influence of some prescription drug or illegal drug.

When a person gets addicted to a drug, they are not themselves. Family members often notice a change in behavior and a change in happiness. In cases where heroin is used, people often resort to prostitution to get money for the drug. This is something that they would not do if they were sober. It is not uncommon to hear of ex heroin addicts saying that they don’t remember prostituting themselves. When a person is under the influence of some drugs, it often effects their memory. It is important to get help from a drug and alcohol treatment facility if you have a problem with addiction.

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