What to do if you get Fired Because Of Your Alcoholism?

What to do if you get Fired Because Of Your Alcoholism?

Alcoholism runs in families according to many top psychologists.  If you have been fired on your job because of your alcoholism, it is time to get yourself checked into a treatment center.  You have a much better chance at finding employment again if a potential employer knows that you are now clean and sober.  Employers often don’t want to give people a chance again if they know that you have not gone to rehab and got cleaned up. Most employers see you as a liability because you can show up drunk to work or start fighting with other employees if you are intoxicated.

You should also try apologizing to your boss to see if he is willing to allow you to come back if you agree to go to rehab.  Even if you hate your boss, it is good to do because you don’t want the company to give you a poor reference if you should ever leave.  Many employers are open to allowing their employees to come back to work if they get clean and sober.  Nobody likes to see someone hurting.  If you show your boss that you are irresponsible, he is less likely to let you come back.

In your conversation with your boss, tell him why you chose to drink while on the job.  Sometimes, honesty will get you a lot of sympathy with an employer that wants you to perform well on your job.  Many bosses have had problems of their own with alcohol and drug abuse.  Sometimes a family member of your employer has also had problems.  You might be surprised.

The last thing that you should do is to avoid the situation totally.   Your boss needs to hear at least an apology.  Unfortunately, your job performance will follow you wherever you go.


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