What’s New at HARP? An Update of All the Great Things We’re Doing.

What’s New at HARP? An Update of All the Great Things We’re Doing.

We’ve had a very busy year. We’re growing fast and helping so many people in the community and around the country overcome the challenges of their addictions. It’s an exciting feeling to think about the impact we’re having in so many lives. With that in mind, we’re expanding our team. We’re bringing on more people who are passionate about our Mission to provide the highest level of individualized addiction treatment by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative treatment approaches. Our model increases sobriety success rates, save lives, and helps more people recover from addiction and alcoholism.

Let’s talk about all that’s been happening…

Welcome Our New Team Members


  • David Dunkel, our new Director of Marketing, brings his 27 years of experience in marketing Treatment.
  • Jill Rosen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, handling our clinical outreach in the Northeast territory.
  • John Ferris, our Florida Marketer and Admissions Coordinator.

Help us to welcome them to the team and welcome their contribution to changing lives of our clients.

Expansion of Our Facilities & Equipment

We are already so proud of our facilities. The tranquility we are able to provide our clients is paramount to their recovery. So we’re always happy to see our facilities grow. For instance, we’ve added beds to our waterfront facility, making us a 32-bed residential treatment center on the crystal clear waters of the Palm Beach Intracoastal Waterway. Our new clinical office and corporate space build out is about 95% complete, which has grown our clinical location from 1900 square feet when we opened, to over 4,400 square feet. We’ve also been able to grow our fleet of client transport vehicles, allowing us to expand transport services. We added a third Nissan NV Passenger Van and a brand new Toyota Highlander to serve as our airport transport vehicle and client ancillary service vehicle.

Utilization Review

At the heart of our mission is the treatment our clients receive. We strive to provide nothing but the best care and treatment. We’re thrilled to have brought our utilization review in house, as our clients are assured a stronger and more accurate client advocacy to assist with providing longer treatment stays with 30 days of treatment paid for by their insurance policies. We also are very proud to be within a few months of becoming JCAHO accredited, the most prestigious, and rigorous hospital accreditation possible. So every potential client will be able to see that our treatment services have been approved at the highest levels and are following the strictest of protocols.

Currently Sponsored Events

We recently sponsored the AIS Conference on Singer Island, steps away from our facility. We had an ultra successful and amazingly well received presentation from seven of the HARP Palm Beach’s original staff. Our presentation scored a 4.7 out of a perfect 5. We had attendees stand and deliver the most moving testimonials of their clients that had attended the HARP program, as well as other interventionists that literally said they would “send their own children to HARP.” It was heartwarming to see the lasting effects we have on not just our client, but also our treatment community.

Last, but not least…

We’re also in the infancy stages of developing “The HARP Model.” This will be our very own treatment curriculum developed to address the underlying issues to ensure HARP clients have the very best treatment program possible. The “HARP Model” ensures clients have conquered the appropriate emotional and mental skill sets needed to be successful with their sobriety. This tool will become the perfect metric both staff, and clients to address the evaluate themselves to know how far they’ve come, and to identify what they need to work on to stay on the sober path. This is an exclusive HARP program, which has proven to be completely effective and needed. HARP has saved many lives since its inception and we will continue to do so, one client at a time.

Also, we do some really cool things on holidays, like hire a steel drum band to play on property out by the water, as well as hiring a hermit crab racer to come in, and this 4th of July we are going to bring in a mobile arcade for the clients.

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