When to Call a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center for a Loved One?

When to Call a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center for a Loved One?

Are you witnessing your loved one going through night sweats, slurred speech and poor balance?  Perhaps you are watching your loved one drinking high amounts of alcohol on a regular basis and it has you concerned.  Usually, if you are concerned about your loved one having a problem with alcohol, they are usually addicted already.  Other signs are: delayed reflexes, stomach pains and nausea, black outs and redness in their face.  There are many symptoms to alcoholism.  Your first step is to get help for your loved one. Often an intervention is needed by a professional interventionist if your loved one fails to listen to you about getting help.

Many alcoholics don’t get help until it is too late.  Often when a person gets a DUI or finds themselves waking up in weird places, they don’t reach out for help.  If you have no medical insurance or cash to pay for treatment, your best bet would be to visit the SAMHSA.gov website.  It is a government resource website set up for people suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems.  If you do have medical insurance or around $10,000 + dollars to pay for inpatient treatment, you may find help at luxury treatment center.  These treatment centers often have excellent programs for men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.  Often, these programs are set up for encouraging men and women to get help.  They have professional interventionists and counselors on staff willing to help your loved one.  The faster that you reach out, the sooner the process can start.

Don’t be surprised if your loved one is saying that they don’t want or need help.  Most alcoholics are in denial until something legally happens to them that forces them to get help.  It may be too late to get assistance if an alcoholic kills someone while drinking behind the wheel.  It may be too late if their liver is damaged beyond repair.  Hopefully your situation is not that drastic yet.

When calling someone for help, you are actually saving the alcoholics life. Without you and your caring heart, they most likely would have never gotten relief to begin with.  Admitting that you have a problem is a lot harder than most people think.

Some alcoholics look around them and think that everyone drinks alcohol, so does it mean that everyone is an alcoholic?  The answer to this question is no.  Everyone is not an alcoholic.  Most people can consume one alcoholic beverage on a Saturday night with their friends and then not have to drink for another two weeks.  An alcoholic needs a drink every single day.  Often, they will black out because they drank so much.  Other times, they become so tolerant that even a six pack of beer isn’t enough to get them buzzed.  You know in your heart that your loved one is an alcoholic.  The best time to call is right now.

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