Where to High Profile Celebrities Go for Rehab?

Where to High Profile Celebrities Go for Rehab?

Celebrities often demand nothing but the best.  They often go to drug and alcohol rehabs that are a lot different than what the average person may be used to.  Here is a list of some of the finest rehabs in the United States that celebrities have gone to.

  • Promises Treatment Center – Many celebrities have gone here to include: Robert Downy, Jr., Britney spears, Ben Affleck and Diana Ross.  The setting is in beautiful Malibu California.  This rehab is known throughout the world.  The price is just under $9,000 a week on the average.  As stated on their homepage, this place is those who are used to luxury living.  They offer Gourmet meals, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, phone and internet access, tennis court, meditation areas and private rooms.  The center is within a gated community and no rules about having contact with the outside world.  The accommodations are breathe taking and you will not even feel like you are in a rehab.


  • Betty Ford Clinic – Celebrities such as Keith Urban, Ozzy Osbourne and Chevy Chase have gone here for rehab.   This is located in California as well.  It is estimated that you can stay here for around $6,000 a month.  It is best to call the clinic to see about pricing options.


  • Passages Rehab Facility – Celebrities that have stayed here have been Stephen Baldwin, Andy Dick and David Hasselhoff.  The cost is a little under forty thousand dollars for a 30 day stay.  If you visit, you will find that it has beautiful ocean views, tennis courts, therapy and a host of other services.  It has become a favorite for people that need rehab.  It is not as well-known as Promises, but it still has a flavor for success.


  • Caron Foundation – This facility has given celebrities such as Miss USA Tara Conner and Steven Tyler a second chance at life.  This rehab is perfect for anyone looking to get sober in a non-profit facility.


  • Wonderland – Located in Los Angeles California.  Celebrities that have gone to this facility have been: Christian Slater, Mike Tyson, Pat O’Brian and Lindsay Lohan.  This facility has 2 swimming pools and offers its clients tour support services.  People that go to this rehabilitation center say that the program helps them.  It has a great reputation for people that can afford to come here.


  • Crossroads – Located in Antigua.  It has given lots of celebrities a chance again.  Celebrities like Eric Clapton, Billy Joel and Britney Spears have gone here for treatment.  Clients get beach time and yoga classes on a regular basis.  It is known throughout the world to be a professional place where someone can come in to get sober.



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