Which States are Using What Drugs?

Which States are Using What Drugs?

Here is a list of what drugs are effecting which states.  You may be surprised to find out how some states are using illegal drugs.

  • Illicit Drugs – Are Most Popular on the West Coast and the Northeast.  The states that use the most illicit drugs are Colorado, Vermont.
  • Cocaine – 3.04% of residents in Washington D.C. say that they have used cocaine in the past year.
  • Illegal Pain Pill Purchases – 6.37% of residents say that they have purchased illegal pain pills over the past year.
  • Alcohol – A whopping 63% of residents in Massachusetts over the age of 12 have drunk alcohol over the past month.
  • Tobacco – West Virginia takes the lead on using tobacco in the United States.  Believe it or not, 38.46% of residents say that they have used tobacco over the past month.

Drug and alcohol abuse experts often do not understand why one community or state gets affected by drug use more than another. It is important to understand that if you want to get involved in the war on drugs, it is important to educate your community about the harmful effects of them.  Without education, people are often misinformed about the drug that they are taking.

Alcohol and drug use is a problem throughout the United States.  To get educational materials for a drug free world, please visit drugfreeworld.org.  Here you will find a host of educational materials on why you should not take drugs. This is an excellent website for teachers, community leaders and those that want to become educators for a drug free America.




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