Why Did CIGNA Pull Out of the Florida Exchange?

Why Did CIGNA Pull Out of the Florida Exchange?

Most treatment centers in Florida depend on CIGNA insurance policies to pay for treatment.  According to mypalmbeachpost.com, CIGNA decided to get out of Florida because of treatment fraud. For years, many insurance companies believed that they were being overcharged by treatment centers for treatment.  The cost of treating someone for a 30 day inpatient program is around $30,000.

Starting in November, CIGNA is no longer offering health plans on the marketplace.  The CIGNA spokesperson said that there has been fraudulent drug screening.  This has allowed many Florida labs to make millions.  The spokesperson Joseph Mondy said that it happens a lot with labs that are connected with drug/alcohol treatment centers and homes where people get sober.

The high costs are in part to blame why CIGNA decided to pull out.  It is no longer affordable.  A lot of treatment centers are now starting to fear what happened.  A treatment center has to now question, “Will I get paid for treating someone from an insurance company?”  This definitely sends a message to labs and treatment centers that they are going to have to do everything by the book 100%.  If not, you may not get paid.

Believe it or not, a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts avoid treatment centers because of their high cost.  Will this send a message to all areas of Florida that you must do more for the client and less for profits?

Most employees that are in the drug and alcohol treatment industry know that facilities often profit a lot of money off clients.  A lot of “mom and pop” treatment centers have less overhead costs and still charge clients the same amount of money as a treatment center that has higher overhead costs. Many larger treatment center owners consider it to be unfair. In Florida, a client may be housed in a mansion or luxury accommodation for $30,000 a month (for the entire treatment program) and a person housed in basic housing gets charged the same amount of money for the entire program.  Is this fair?  Should there be a government regulation as to how much a “mom and pop” treatment center can charge in comparison to a luxury accommodation?  Most luxury accommodations can afford the best doctors and therapists for care.  Many “mom and pop” locations cannot afford the heavy expenses of staff pay checks, but charge the same amount of money for treatment.

This pullout only affects the year 2016.  In 2017, CIGNA may or may not offer their plans again in Florida.  This is going to affect around 30,000 Floridians that now have insurance with CIGNA.  Another section of the article talks about how expensive pee is to get tested.  If an addicted person gets tested 3 times a week, it could cost $36,000 a month.  That cost rises to $432,000 if this process takes 12 months.

To read more about this problem, read https://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/news/cigna-pulls-out-of-florida-exchange-blames-addicti/nn4gx/

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