Why Do Most People Fail to Get Sober After Rehab?

Why Do Most People Fail to Get Sober After Rehab?

Families often rejoice when a family member says that they are choosing rehab.  Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction takes time and commitment. It is never easy to make the decision to go to an inpatient facility for 30 days.  It takes a person away from their friends and family.  However, sometimes it is necessary to do if a person feels that their drug and alcohol addiction is out of control.

It is a fact that the longer a person takes alcohol/drugs, the more opt they are in never getting sober.  People often feel that they must hit rock bottom before there could be any change.  Change can only happen when people decide that they can lose no more.  This is why interventions work.  They are expensive for a family to pay for, but they work.

The simple answer as to why most people fail to get sober even after rehab is because they are not ready to get sober yet.  The misconception about rehabs is that they are the cure all for an addict. Many people think that if they send their loved one to an inpatient 30 day program, that they will stay sober for life.  This could not be further from the truth.  Inpatient programs will teach your loved one how to start a new life.  It will give them the counseling services that they need on a daily basis.  It will allow them to attend group therapy.  Your loved one will feel great while they are in treatment. However, once they get out and experience real life, they may not be able to withstand the temptations of drug use again.  Temptations will be all around them.  In order to give your loved one a better chance, it is important to change their environment.

Sometimes, selling your home and moving to an entirely different state is the answer.  The more that the addict comes into contact with their “old friends” that used to do drugs or drink alcohol, the more temptation it is for them to go back to that lifestyle again.  Often, the drug dealer starts coming around your loved one again and friends start calling to do drugs again. This is not easily overcome by any means.  If you are not in a position to move, you may have to set some guidelines down. If the addict violates those guidelines, you are going to have to tell them it’s time for rehab again or disconnect from them completely.  You must be firm and tell them what you are willing and not willing to do.

Staying sober takes time and commitment. Many men and women attend weekly alcoholic anonymous groups to keep them sober.  Others attend private counseling on their own. There is a root to the problem that an addict must get to.  Sometimes it comes out in therapy and other times it comes out later on in life.

Overall, the addict must want to stay sober. If he/she does not want sobriety, it will be extremely difficult to change.  Most addicts need rehab more than once in their lifetime. Most will attend several rehabs before they get completely sober.


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