Why Do People Eat Unhealthy Foods When They are Drunk?

Why Do People Eat Unhealthy Foods When They are Drunk?

A lot of people that drink alcohol say that they eat unhealthy when they are drunk.  This makes sense for several reasons.  An important statistic that was talked about on menshealth.com was about people who drink alcohol and binge drink.  The statistic said that Spanish researches gave a survey to 12,000 people that drink alcohol and binge drink.  They found that most of the drinkers missed breakfast and avoided fruits and vegetables.

Alcoholics often eat high fatty foods when they are drunk such as: pizza, fast food, starchy foods and red meat.  They seldom eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Interestingly, scientists from Sussex, UK found that alcohol directly interferes with the appetite control of your brain!  That’s right. Their study proved that drinking alcohol actually effects your brain wanting more food when you are drunk. They found that appetite is controlled in the hypothalamus.  When we drink alcohol, it triggers this part of the brain into action.  A person that drinks alcohol will feel a high craving to eat.

People that drink alcohol regularly often complain that they are developing a “beer gut”.  This is often due to the fact that they are going on food binges after they are finished drinking.

Another reason why people eat unhealthy foods when they are drunk is because it throws off your correct frame of mind.  When you are intoxicated, alcohol impairs your ability to make good choices.  This is why you should never drink and drive.  When it comes to food, you are often not concerned about your weight or how you look in your jeans.  You are more likely to be concerned about how to calm your hunger.

It is not uncommon for a person to get drunk and then eat four slices of pizza.  If they were sober, they would most likely eat only 1 or 2.  It is interesting that many women and men try to watch what they eat throughout the day.  However, as soon as they get drunk with their friends, they don’t care about how the alcohol is damaging their organs and causing them to eat foods that they would never normally eat when they are sober.

It is normally a best practice to not drink alcohol at all.  Rehabs know that you can develop an addiction to alcohol and need treatment at some point in your life.



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