Why do so Many Celebrities Find Comfort in Drug Usage?

Why do so Many Celebrities Find Comfort in Drug Usage?

If fame, fortune and success are supposed to make you happy, then why do a lot of celebrities turn to drugs?  This is a question that this article will address. Many celebrities are going to rehab these days.  Just look on the cover of any tabloid.  You can see the next face entering rehab for various reasons. These people are rich, powerful and successful.

A high pressured job often leads people to use drugs.  Many celebrities look for quick and instant relief. If they don’t find it, they are more than likely reaching out for a drug to do the trick.

Lots of celebrities attend parties.  There is a strange combination with money, celebrity and drugs at many of these parties.  When a celebrity wants something, they often get it.  These parties often are full of drugs like cocaine, heroin, pain killers and many more.  These types of drugs are often easy to get.

Many celebrities injure themselves while on the set.  If you are a stunt man, you are more than likely to experience some type of an injury.  These injuries often result in a trip to the doctor.  Many doctors see no problem with giving people pain medication such as hydrocodone.  These pills can be highly addictive if taken for more than a week.  Your body actually begins to develop an addiction to them.

Some young Hollywood actors and actresses don’t know how to say no.  Their friends are doing it, so they say, “Why shouldn’t I do it?”  Being part of the crowd is often the result of drug use for some celebrities.  Peer pressure is what a lot of people like to call it.

Some celebrities that have gone to rehab are: Kim Richards (star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Demi Lovato, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown, Cory Monteith and many others.

Celebrities often want to feel like everything is okay.  Sometimes living a sober life doesn’t always give you that feeling.  Often, drugs seem like the only alternative to a famous person.  Drugs are easy to get now a days from both doctors and drug dealers.  Celebrities often just have to ask for it and they get it somehow.

The everyday life of a celebrity is often: stress, social events, constant surveillance, paparazzi following them, pressure to succeed and sadness.  Celebrities often want to feel like their life is balanced to a certain degree.  Drugs such as marijuana give someone the feeling of relaxation and peace.  Other drugs like cocaine make a person feel happier for a moment and then depressed shortly thereafter.



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