Why do We Love These Famous Drunks on Television?

Why do We Love These Famous Drunks on Television?

Alcoholism is a serious problem in the United States and around the world.  However, many television shows have characters in them that we have grown to love because of their constant affection for alcohol.  Characters such as Homer Simpson, North Peterson from Cheers and Al Bundy are just some of American’s favorites.  Often we see them sitting back sipping on some beer and having their own philosophies of life.  In reality, they are teaching us that being an alcoholic is okay.

Some images on television help contribute to our thinking.  Watching someone like Peter Griffin or Barney Gumble from the Simpsons sipping back on some beer and laughing about it often makes us think that being an alcoholic is tolerable in today’s world.  It can seem amusing for some people watching this on television and painful for people that have gone to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Characters like Archie Bunker made us laugh as he holds a can of beer in his hand and acting drunk.  When we watch it on camera, it looks silly.  However, when we experience this is true life, it is a painful experience for millions of people.  Watching your loved one going through an alcohol and drug addiction is a painful experience.

The entire show cheers was usually seen out of a bar.  The characters were always meeting at the bar talking about life.  Happy hour is popular in the United States and so many people could relate to this television series.  On television, drunks look happy, funny and just having a good old time.  However, in real life, alcoholism is full of depression, anger, painful thoughts and other troubles.

We often love drunks on television because they are not really in our life.  Hollywood makes it look so funny and glamorous.  It makes it look like it is the only thing that makes us happy.  After a hard day’s work, many Americans just like to kick back and drink alcohol.  This is how alcoholism actually begins.  It usually starts off with just a few drinks and then it eventually becomes a problem.  Drinking alcohol is not so glamorous when you look at what it can do to your health and life.



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