Why People Become Drug Dealers

Why People Become Drug Dealers

There seems to be a drug dealer on every street corner these days.  If everyone knows that drugs kill family members and people that you may know, why would someone want to deal drugs?  This article is about addressing the issue and providing you some information as to why people deal drugs when they know it is wrong.

Drug deals are big $$ in the United States.  In a recent June 2015 drug bust, the border agents of Laredo Port of Entry recovered 32.54 pounds of cocaine as described on:  https://www.kens5.com/story/news/2015/06/09/million-dollar-drug-bust-at-laredo-port-of-entry/28753359/

The article describes the value of the cocaine being around $250,000.  We can see here that the smugglers were trying to get the drugs across the border in order to make money.  A lot of the time, people smuggle drugs across the United States border in order to earn high profits. Drugs cost different amounts of money in the United States.  Some drug addictions can cost as much as $200.00 a day if someone is highly addicted.

The coast guard recently seized 2.5 million dollars’ worth of marijuana. This was a joint effort by the Bahamian government, Turks and Caicos. This was around 2,842 lbs. of weed.    With a street value as much as 2.5 million dollars, it is no wonder why people think that being a drug dealer is the right answer.  If you want to read more of this article, please go to https://www.sunbaypaper.com/national/general-features/coast-guard-s-2-5-million-dollar-drug-bust.

People often become drug dealers because they see it as a way to make money to provide for their families.  Many drug dealers have prior felony convictions and find it hard to obtain employment. Other drug dealers have gotten used to making lots of money through drug dealing.  It is hard to work a job that pays you $18.00 an hour when some drug dealers earn $300 or more dollars per day selling drugs.

Selling drugs is not an easy business as most people think.  The Governments of the world are cracking down on drug dealers.  Most governments give drug dealers and smugglers hefty prison sentences and felony records if caught.  Felony convictions never get removed from your record.  Many dealers get sentenced for years in prison.  Many drug dealers lose their lives for different reasons as well.

Do educated people become drug dealers?  The answer to this question is yes.  Here is a story about a man that became a drug dealer while he was in college and working for a law firm https://www.businessinsider.com/i-went-to-law-school-and-became-a-drug-dealer-2013-7.  He describes it as an exhilarating experience.

People often find drug dealing to be a cat and mouse game with police.  Some see it as a good payoff when you make your money, but when you get caught, you are in jail.  It is clear that drug dealing is not the best career choice. In fact, most people get caught at some point and often destroy their reputations and official record.

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