Why Would a Mother Intentionally Inject Her Daughter with Heroin?

Why Would a Mother Intentionally Inject Her Daughter with Heroin?

Most mothers want to protect their child from drug addiction and alcoholism. However, there are numerous reports coming out today that are showing mothers intentionally giving their children drugs for various reasons.

A 34 year old Pennsylvania woman by the name of Jessica Lynn Riffey was arrested by police for endangering the welfare of a child and other charges.  The police have accused her of injecting her daughter and 16 year old boyfriend with heroin.

Unfortunately, the teens also told police that Mrs. Riffey gave heroin to them more than once.  She even admitted to police that she did this around 3 times.   If this is not enough to make your head spin, her boyfriend, 33 year old Jameson Burn has been charged with drug dealing and other offenses as well.  The teens said that he supplied them with heroin.

This story is extremely disturbing for several reasons.  For starters, heroin is a highly addictive drug that is growing in the United States today.  Many east coast states like New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are seeing a higher amount of people injecting heroin.

A child is supposed to be able to depend on their parent.  These children will most likely have to go to rehab because of the addictive nature that heroin has on people.  Children are supposed to be able to depend on their parents and family members while they are in rehab. We must ask the question, “Do the children have anyone to depend on while their parent is in jail?”

The question now remains, why did she inject the children?  In another case, the police arrested a mother in Memphis for injecting herself with heroin two days before giving birth.  Her child tested positive for drugs when she gave birth.  Jamillah Falls was the 1st mother to have ever been charged for this.  This is because a new law is out today in Memphis that says a mother cannot use drugs while she is pregnant.  Thank goodness Mrs. Falls told the judge that she wanted to go into rehab.  Many people argue whether or not this should be a law.  Some people believe that she should not have been sent to prison.  Many people on social media believe that she should have been sent to rehab first and not to jail.

It is clear that people have a difference of opinion for various reasons.  It is never easy to see a mother addicted to drugs. Often, people are not even in their right frame of mind when they are taking drugs.  It is clear that children are being hurt though.  We must find a way to stop children from being hurt. They are innocent and must be protected by the law.


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