You Love Weed and Know that it is Destroying Your Life: How to Stop Smoking Pot

You Love Weed and Know that it is Destroying Your Life: How to Stop Smoking Pot

Marijuana is supposed to be the drug that relaxes someone and makes you feel at ease.  Friends are often seen smoking a joint in the movies and in television shows having fun.  However, smoking pot is not always all fun and games.

A woman by the name of Heather Lee admitted that her pot smoking caused a major car accident in Snohomish County. The accident injured 9 people.  That number includes 2 children.  Unfortunately, Heather Lee suffered from anxiety and that is why she was smoking pot to begin with.  However, many car accidents and deaths are related to smoking pot.  Smoking pot is a lot like drinking alcohol behind the wheel.  It impairs your ability to focus.

Many studies say that kids and young adults that smoke marijuana regularly have a harder time with grades in school.  Marijuana inhibits learning, memory and attention.  Kids that smoke pot have a harder time learning in school. Many students fall asleep in class, have trouble seeing the black board because of their eyes burning and have a difficult time remembering lessons that were taught previously.

Many young adults say that they love weed and can’t stop smoking it. It has become a problem in the United States.  Some states are legalizing marijuana.

If you want to stop smoking pot, it is not going to be easy.  Once your body begins to take any type of drug, it begins to get addicted to it.  If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you are going to suffer mood swings if you have nothing to replace your marijuana use with. It is important to get off marijuana with a professional detox center.

Detox centers can get you off drugs safely.  Visit to get information about getting off the drug.  Getting off marijuana takes time, patience and a desire to let go.   Pot is something that most people misunderstand.


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