Your Child is Watching Alcohol Commercials on Television: What to do?

Your Child is Watching Alcohol Commercials on Television: What to do?

No matter how hard we try, our children will be exposed to commercials that you wish they never saw.  Do you remember the commercial from Budweiser? They showcased the Budweiser Frogs.  There were three frogs.  Each one said a different word. The famous words were Bud-Weis-Er.  Millions of households watched these commercials over and over again.  Many of the commercials were watched by children.   Children often don’t understand the product that is being advertised. However, if it is created in a cartoon or fun like fashion, children are more prone to pay attention to it.

It is important to teach your children early about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.  Unfortunately, children will be exposed to drugs and alcohol at some point in their life.  If you educate them about how harmful they are to their mind, body and spirit, they will understand to stay away from them. You cannot stop the mass exposure of the media when it comes to advertising alcohol or prescription drugs.  However, you can help your child to understand what they can do to keep away from these substances.

Your child should have a clear understanding on how alcohol impairs your ability to drive or even function on a day to day basis. The more that your child knows, the better.  You will be happy that you gave your child that education long before they got introduced to it in the street.


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