Your First Job Interview after Rehab

Your First Job Interview after Rehab

Going to a job interview after rehab is often a challenge for most people.  You may have worked ten years ago and have no job skills. You are probably feeling nervous and that is perfectly normal.  The purpose of this article is to give you a few tips on how to get through your job interview as easy as possible.

For starters, don’t focus on what you cannot do for your employer. Focus on what you can do for your employer.  Ask yourself what you are good at.  There is something that you are good at that would be an asset to your employer. Some people have great conversation skills and would make excellent sales professionals. You can earn a lot of money as a professional sales agent.  Many companies hire phone representatives to work for their company.

Tell the interviewer what you may have done in the past professionally. If they ask why you have not been working, it is best to be honest.  Tell your employer that you are coming out of rehab and got through the program well.  Some interviewers will frown upon this. However, you don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t understand your situation.  In order to stay sober, you are going to have to work under as little stress as possible.  Many employers are open to the idea of giving you a fresh start in life. Find one that wants to help you to start over again.

If you have a criminal background, be honest with your employer about it if questioned.  Tell them how you went to rehab and got sober.  Tell them how serious you are now about getting a job that will keep you employed.  Many employers are open to helping people that may have criminal backgrounds.  Don’t think negative about this past record of yours.  Instead, have faith that someone is going to see you as a valuable asset.

Sometimes, working for less money is a way for you to get into a company quickly.  Employers may see that hiring you will save them money. In this way, you can start rebuilding your resume again.  Don’t look at a low salary as being bad.  You are just starting to get your life together again.  Focus on getting the job and not on how much money you are going to earn.

Be open to working any hours that the employer is willing to give to you.  At first, you may have to work a few holidays or weekends.  Many employers are looking to fill night shift positions as well.  Let your employer know that you are open to working any job that they are willing to give to you.  This says a lot about your personal character.

Let your employer know that you are open for going to training as well.  If they want to hire you, let them know that you are willing to partake in any additional training that they feel you may need to keep your job.

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